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Welcome to CNP : GIFTING IDEAS Gifting is a long practiced ceremonial custom which has tremendously revolutionised over the years making celebrations exciting, pleasurable & memorable. Sharing of gifts is an exquisite way of celebrating different moods of life. So gifts express one’s loving & caring feelings to the other person. This is the way […]

Send Personalized Gifts in India

Although gifts are ever pleasing yet many personalize them for deeper effects. Since earlier time people have been sharing flowers, sweets/mithai and art/decor/collectibles with one another as token of love. These loving gestures have become an essential part of all traditional as well as universal ceremonies. Any gift given is always special and the same […]

Hot bargains: Tips

<div id=”mod-a-body-first-para”> <em>Bargain, hot deal, steal… every day consumers are bombarded with hundreds of seemingly promising offers. However, not every value buy saves money; some can be costly mistakes. Here’s how to figure out the trap from the real deal.</em> <strong>Picking up a new credit card, and junking the more expensive old one, on a […]